Sunday, July 31, 2011

5D, a new experience

This Saturday, we went to West Gate Mall at Rajauri Garden and saw a 5D movie, SOS Planet. It was my daughter who wanted to saw a 5D movie. The duration of the show is only 15 minutes.
This 5D experience was new for me and also new in Indian as a Movie form. I have seen the 3D movies, like Chota Chetan and recently 3D TVs but this was completely a different experience. Children will love it. My daughter now wanted to see the horror show “the Haunted House.
The movie cost Rs. 150 and show timings and its only 15 minutes shows but it’s a thrilling experience. The experience become like real by surround sound, motion seats, spray and many more such effects to give you an electrifying cinematic experience. Sometime the animals faces came towards the face, some time when there was a wind, the air flow came in the theatre. Sometime during in water, the water spray came to my face, some time the chair went to half sleeping mode and few sharks came towards my face... overall a good experience. I reall enjoyed.. Wow!

Tips for your when you go to watch 5D movie, just enjoy it, be there, don't block your mind, make it free or if you want to become kid, be the kid, there is no harm... then you will enjoy more... chill out... shout.. no problem... have fun. When the show will be over, you will say that "oh finished!".

One should experience once, really amazing.  If you want to see the trailer of the SOS Planet here is the link: