Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Roses

There are many challenges and struggles faced by the Kachchhi people in a decade after a terrible earthquake that struck in 2001. I am summarizing a true story of three girls who were affected during the earthquake diffrently and different places. They met during at hospital during the treatment. Here is the one what I have discussed with them.

This is about willpower, courage, motivation and trust. I discussed with the girls who were affected badly by the earthquake from different parts of the Kachchha and came to a one place at the Bidada Hospital of the Bidada Sarvodaya Trust. They become good friends during the treatment but today are living their life very differently. Two girls lost their one leg while the third girl had spine injuries and due to some wrong treatment they cannot walk today. They were demoralized and one of them was even thinking of suicide, but the excellent long term treatments and the unbelievable motivation support by the doctors, staff and the hospital itself changed the life of two girls and slow improvement in the third girl. One girl is not only able to walk perfectly, but can even dance and won many prizes in Garba during Navratri and different location. She can even drive scooter too without any difficulty. Today she is happily living her life with her family and teaching tailoring to women. The second girl who thought of burden to family was received a love from a gentleman and motivated with that and constant exercises by the hospital she is been able to walk today and happily married with that boy. Even though she lost her leg, the boy never decreased his love towards her; he never allowed her to think that she is alone but continuously motivated her. Their interview was showed on the the IBN TV. The third girl who had spine injuries is still not able to walk and on wheel chair. The Trust committed to provide long term support to these girls as well as many others too. I am in process of writing a book where you will be able to get more information about them.

Same disaster, created three different scenarios, different struggles, different survivals and diffrent situation. Similarly there are many stories how people affected by the Gujarat Earthquake in 2001. Today after 10 years, they have lots of things to share, to tell, to express and to provide others an understanding of sense that they can do if there is a hand for them to hold, to protect, to motivate, ... and then they can do on their own.


  1. Very nice Bhavesh ji... gives us an inspiration that if you try..nothing is impossible!!

  2. ભાઈશ્રી ભાવેશ,

    મારું એવું માનવું છે કે એ ભૂકંપ પછી મેં ઘણા ગુજરાતીઓને આ આફત પ્રબંધનના ક્ષેત્રમાં આગળ વધતા જોયા છે. કદાચ આ આપના ગુજરાતીઓ (કચ્છીઓ પણ) ની ખાસિયત છે. આપણે જે વિષયમાં ધ્યાન આપવા લાગીએ ત્યાંના ધુરંધર થઇને જ રહીએ છીએ. આજે જો ને એક દાયકા પછી આપણા ભુજ થી કેટલા બધા મિત્રો આ ક્ષેત્ર માં નૌકરી કરી રહ્યા છે. અને તે પણ બધા સારા સારા સ્થાન અને પદવી પર બેઠા છે.

    હવે જરૂર છે તો બસ આ બધા અનુભવો ને લખવાની અને આવનારી પેઢી ને આગળ વધવામાં અનુકુળતા મળે એવો રસ્તો બનવાની.

    આથી હું એમ કહીશ કે આપ નો આ પ્રયત્ન ખુબ જ સુંદર છે. આભાર આપને અંતે આવું કૈંક સારું કરવા માટે.


  3. Thank you Vikas for such a wise statement. Let us contribute towards better community development. We follow you..

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